Sunday, July 31, 2011

Too many updates

Updating this thing has been on my mind for awhile I just haven't motivated myself to sit in the hottest room in our house and use the computer for long periods of time. We've been pretty busy but here's a quick look into what we've been doing.

Here's the most important news. We got a Puppy!!!! We got him in March and his name is Kronk. We got the name for the Disney movie "The Emperor's New Groove" which was the first movie Jeremy and I ever watched together. Kronk is the cutest puppy around and we love him. He's growing so fast and has a lot of energy.
Here he is the day we brought him home.

Here's pictures of him now. He has such a big personality and loves to sleep on his back. I take him to my grandma's house when I go to school and Kronk loves to play her dog Bruno. Kronk may be small but he can hold his own.

I finished my bachelor's just last week and it is weird to be done. I student teach in the fall but for now no more classes. I walked in May because I was expecting it to be warm and nice out, but it was a whopping 40 degrees out and the stupid commencement people kept the ceremony outside. It was miserable but they cut it short and once we got our diploma we could leave.

Jeremy's birthday was in June and to surprise him I arranged for his three best friends to fly out for the weekend. Jer was really surprised and everyone had a great time. I loved having his/mine friends here but having 4 boys in the house was interesting.

In April we went to Disney World with our friends Beau and Ana. We also went to HARRY POTTER WORLD. Needless to say I was in Heaven. The HP park was so cool and the ride in the castle was amazing. Butterbeer changed my life and I cannot wait till we get to go back. Disney World was fun too! We got stuck on Splash Mountain and had to listen to the music for 15 minutes. It was a great vacation.

On Wednesday we're leaving for Belize! We've been waiting for this for a year and are so excited that it's almost here. We have a big group going so it should be interesting how all the different personalities mesh.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Busy Fall

This semester has proven to keep me very busy. But I have still made time for fun and getting into mischievous.
Where to begin. Well probably the most exciting thing is that my gma bought a dog! He's name is Bruno and she rescued him from the pound. We think he's full-blooded German Shepard and he has a lot of energy. I don't think I've ever seen a dog that is so expressive then Bruno. In the few months that my gma has had him he has learned to growl (expect he doesn't know when it's appropriate to use his growl), learned to howl like the train horn that passes by, and has learned how to make my gma angry. If he isn't happy the he will get back at others. Bruno is a great dog and we all love him

Jeremy's friend Tyler came to visit us for a long weekend. We went to the temple, saw Waiting for Superman, went shopping (Tyler introduced me to the great sales Banana Republic has), set up our hot tub, and had bad movie nights. Bad movie nights? might say. Yes and the winner out of the 3 horrible movies we watched was Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. If you haven't seen it, don't. Actually it's so fun to make fun of it may be worth it. The three of us also went to a dinner and a show that I found online. The dinner was good, but the rest was horrible. So we sneaked out during the show.

Jer surprised me with a zoo trip. I love the zoo! Right now there are four baby tigers and I was so tempted to take one home. The animals there are so amazing to me and sometimes I wonder why I didn't go into zoology or marine biology. Oh well to late to change! I had the chance to go back to the zoo with the kindergarten class I'm doing a mini-internship with. 60 kindergartners + an open zoo = stressed teachers. But the kids had fun and that's the most important thing. On that trip I also found that the Denver zoo has a red panda, which is probably one of my most favorite animals. But it wasn't in it's cage :-(. Oh well guess I just have to go back.

I'm excited for this semester to be over. It seems to be dragging. Only one more year and I'm done....until I get my Master's.

Jeremy finally got transferred out to Boulder!!!! I love having him home every night and not having to say good bye. Our prayers were answered and we are loving life.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer of '10 will be one to remember

This summer has been one of the busiest/amazing summers. We are so blessed. We went to the frozen tundra of Alaska to the underwater world of Turks and Caicos. We went to the Stadium of Fire in Utah. We bought a house. And I completed four classes in eight weeks. Needless to say summer was a blur, but so fun.

Our trip to Turks was amazing, I would highly recommend it to anyone. It was so relaxing and the diving was amazing. We saw so much wildlife, even wild flamingos! If you are ever there dive with the Flamingo Divers they were awesome. FYI food there is expensive!

Our house is coming along nicely. Luckily there isn't a lot to do. We painted the office (never paint red paint it takes forever to cover). Jer was sad to say bye to the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper, but the paint job turned out amazing. The garden is coming too, with school I don't have a lot of time put I have most things planted I just hope everything lives.

School started on the 23rd. I am taking 19 credits which is technically overload, so this semester will be a challenge. I will be so happy when I am done.

Also big news, we put in adoption papers for a puppy! Our little bundle of joy will be born during December and will join our family in February. So exciting.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We bought a house!!!!

Well we finally are all grown up, he bought our very first house in Broomfield. It is scary and exciting at the same time. We close at the end of the month, right before we go on vacation...go figure. We love this house and can't wait to make it our home. Here are some pics. And no that is not our furniture.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


So we had the opportunity to go on an Alaskan cruise with the Reynolds and the Datkos. The scenery was amazing but the cruise was so so. THe staff wasn't the happiest and they were at a Level Red because a flu virus was going around. We had fun spending time together.
In Ketichican Jeremy and Noel went kayaking and of course they saw a whale! Lindsay and I were so jealous. All of Alaska was beautiful. In Juneau the four of us went whale watching and saw a huge glacier. On the whale watching tour Jeremy saw a whale jump out of the water (he is so lucky).
In Skagaway we took a train ride and a bus tour. It was beautiful and we had the chance to meet some sled dogs and I wanted to take a puppy home. We also went to Victoria, Canada and the weather there was amazing. It was a cute town.

Here are some pics! Check my facebook for more.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finals or blogging....Blogging

I am currently in the middle of finals but am not motivated to study so I thought I would update my little blog that no one read except me. School is almost over then three weeks off and I start with the Summer term. But in between terms we going to ALSAKA! I'm so excited. We're going on a 7 day cruise. Lindsay and Noel along with Lindsay's family are going too! I tried to convince my mom's husband to take her for her 50th but it didn't work out. I'm excited to nothing but relax and eat and to read a book that is not related to school.
Jer is still working in Cali, but he only has to go back every other week so it's not that bad! We are currently looking for a house which is stressful but fun. Jer wants a big kitchen and I want a yard. School for me is good, I do feel productive, but I get exhausted by the end of the day. But it is all worth it to have a degree. I also started working again at Abrusci's in cherry creek. That's right Abrusci's has a new location at 3rd and Fillmore. Beware Cherry Creek!
In July we are going to Stadium of fire in Provo with both of our families. Then in August when I am done with Summer term we are going to Turks Cacos with my mom and her husband to go diving. Don't know where that is? Neither did I till I googled it. It is south of the Bahamas. The pictures are beautiful and I am so excited!
We are also going to go see RUSH in August. They are Jer's favorite band of all time and we are going both nights (well he's going both nights, I'm going only one). It's fun to see him so excited for this. He deserves to have fun for all the hard work he does!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm a bad blogger!

Okay, so I've thought about updating this thing probably every week since July, but things got busy and I got lazy. So lets take this by a month to month update.

August: Jer and I went to Cozumel, MX with my mom and her husband for a week. We went scuba diving and Jeremy went on his first night dive and loved it. Needless to say Jeremy ate his weight in tacos and loved every minute of it. At the end of our trip I got a parasite that sucked. We got back to the states and Jeremy took me to urgent care where after three hours they just told me to take some pain killers. Don't you just love the doctors. We also went Chicago to visit our friend Beau. It was my first time there and had a blast. Jeremy worked there one summer so it was fun to go visit.

September: During Labor Day weekend we went down to AZ to visit Jer's family. From there, with his family, we went to Rocky Point, MX. We stayed at this trailer park, one trailer for eight people. And it was scorching hot, so needless to say not the funnest vacation but we still had an okay time.

October: October started our good. Both of us were just working and I was doing two classes online through Metro. But the fun thing about working with kids is that you get sick when they get sick because they don't realize it's not okay to sneeze/cough in your face. So the thursday before Halloween I was at work and the kids were sleeping. I started getting the chills and then my back started hurting really bad. I went home early assuring the lead teacher I would be back the next day. I barely made it home and crawled into bed before I couldn't move. From there it only got worst. If you haven't guessed it yet, yep I got the Swine Flu. The horrible stuff lasted about 4 days but the cough stayed about 2 weeks. And of course Jeremy got it too! But now we can proudly say WE SURVIVED THE SWINE FLU!

November: Our one year anniversary was on November 8th. Jeremy totally surprised me and took me on a SAFARI!!!! It was so so so fun. We love going to the zoo and this was just so fun. There were lots of African animals including cheetahs and lemurs. All the place needed was a red panda and I would have been in Heaven. The year went by fast and can't wait for the next one. We spent Thanksgiving in CO and Jeremy experienced his first Thanksgiving bowling event. It was really fun and we had a fun time hanging out with Lindsay and Noel.

December: After finishing up with work, we headed down to AZ for two weeks. We made gingerbread houses one night and did a white elephant exchange with extended family. Christmas day was fun, Jer's family does presents a little differently. Everyone takes a a turn opening one present and then the next person, then the next. It'll be interesting what our own family traditions will be when we have kids. The day after Christmas we went up to Utah for week and went snowboarding. I took lessons the first day and the second day was okay. I was so sore! Jer got stuck in waist-high snow for about 20 minutes during one day. His sister Bri helped me on the big mountain. I told her she should be an instructor because she's so patient.
For New Year's Brittany and her boyfriend Jonathan came up and we played apples to apples. Jeremy and I actually stayed awake till midnight which was pretty good for us.

January: So during Christmas break we decided that we were going to move to Colorado! So we got back I gave my two weeks notice at work so I could get to Colorado to start full-time at Metro. We drove one of the cars out and drove 20 hours straight. Jer is still currently working in Cali until he finds a permeant job in Colorado, so keep us in your prayers.

Next couple of months: We are really excited to go to New York in March. That was my christmas present from Jer :-). We are so thankful that we have each other and our friends and family!